The Good. The Evil. The Beginning


Fox’s new television show, Gotham, is well on its way to becoming my favourite series, and I haven’t even watched the damn thing yet. With a release date of Autumn, we’ve still got a good few months to wait until the first episode is aired, but Fox has been kind enough to keep us all drooling with trailers, pictures, and now posters.

Having just released eight character posters of what will be the main characters of the show, I’m even more desperate to watch it. Depicting known characters; Detective James Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot, Fish Mooney, Bruce Wayne, Edward Nygma, Detective Harvey Bullock, and Selina Kyle, we now also get a glimpse of Poison Ivy.. or as they have named her – Ivy Pepper.

Dark, eery, and incredibly gritty, these images are exactly what I am expecting from the show – albeit in slightly more high definition. Particular mention has to go to Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot, because he looks hideously penguin like!








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