Lucas Museum of Narrative Art


Legendary George Lucas, creator and director of those old school space movies we like to call Star Wars, is becoming even more of a fan favourite with an announcement that he will be creating his very own museum. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, LMNA for short, will be a ‘gathering place to experience narrative art and the evolution of the visual image, from illustration to cinema to digital arts’. It’s basically going to be a massive movie memorabilia collection.

The museum is going to be located on a 17 acre site in the museum campus district of Chicago. 17 acres!! That’s probably enough space to hold the Millennium Falcon. The area itself is in a prime location, with amazing public transport and brilliant access to the whole city. This ease of access, along with the significant size of the area, were the main reasons Lucas ended up choosing this location; he initially wanted to place the building in his native California.

So.. does anybody want to fly me out to Chicago? I’ll love you forever! You’ve got a few years to save, I don’t need to visit until the museum opens in 2018.

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