Mad Max Photos


Fans of the Mad Max franchise – you may want to stop whatever you are currently doing, and join me in admiring the seven glorious photos that have just been released of the upcoming film, Mad Max: Fury Road. Starring Tom hardy as legendary Max Rockatansky, this movie is looking badass as hell (signals to image of Hardy walking across the bonnet of his car whilst a massive explosion is bellowing in the background).

These pictures are incredibly promising, packed full of everything I’d expect from the post-apocalyptic film – Grit, Dirt, and Desert, Steampunk style costumes, and whacky ass vehicles. Not to mention a hard-core looking Charlize Theron ..and is that Nicholas Hoult I see looking nice and creepy. I’m guessing Beast from the X-Men isn’t the only Mutant he’s playing this year.

This George Miller directed movie will be the first Mad Max film in 30 years, and the forth in the franchise. It’s due for release on 15th May 2015.







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