Fandom Fashion Find: Gotta catch ‘em all Dress


I think I’m in love!

Unfortunately, Poprageous have ruined my dreams of getting up close and personal with this beyond fabulous dress by being scheming money grabbers. This 95 dollar skater dress, which supposedly showcases nearly every single Pokemon, WAS purchasable on their website. That was until the dress got removed, because what they didn’t tell you was that the artist who created this design got absolutely no credit for their work at all, in fact, they didn’t even give Poprageous permission to use their artwork. WHAT THE HELL!? Did you think they wouldn’t find out?

To cut a long story short, artist Kec Doodles contacted clothing company Poprageous about a year ago, with a Pokemon design idea for one of their dresses. She was sent on her way with a response saying that they would not be using her design.

Fast forward to the present day.. Poprageous release a dress on their website covered in a design that they turned down. WHY POPRAGEOUS, WHY? You’re a big company. If you had just contacted the artist and made a royalties deal, I could be sat here wearing a freaking awesome Pokemon dress. Instead, I am sat typing about wanting to wear a freaking awesome Pokemon dress, and sulking whilst doing it.

Sort it out Poprageous! 10 dollars out of every 95 dollar dress is hardly anything to a big company like you, but would mean the world to the person that put in all the effort. I’m quite disgusted that things like this happen, and even more disgusted that this dress was almost in my grasp, only to be snatched away.


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