Nerdy Ninja News: w/c 29th June ’14


– The ABC series, Once Upon A Time, have decided to add Frozen’s Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff to the list of fairy tale characters that appear on the show. Elsa will be played by Georgina Haig, Anna by Elizabeth Lail, and Kristoff by Scott Michael Foster.

– Star Wars Episode VII have added two new, relatively unknown cast members to their line up; Pip Anderson, and Crystal Clarke. They were chosen from a list of 67,000 actors. Anderson is a Parkour expert, so no doubt he will be using his talents in the movie.

– Kyle Massey has been cast in Fox’s new series, Gotham. He will be playing an abused, neglected kid called Macky, resident of Gotham. There is no character like him in the DC universe, so he may have been created for the show.

– Upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, Dawn of Justice, announced that three new villains will accompany the already cast Lex Luthor. The characters will include Victor Zsazs, a serial killing maniac, Morgan Edge, a Lex Luthor associate, and finally David Cain, an assassin for hire.

– Deathstroke is getting his very own comic book series in Autumn, created by Tony S. Daniel. The increasingly popular character, thanks to his appearance on television series Arrow, will also appear in the upcoming Suicide Squd comic.

– Sherlock will be returning for a special episode, followed by a fourth season. Shooting for the special will begin in January, with the latest season being filmed later in 2015.

– Neil Gaiman’s novel; American Gods, is being developed into a television series by Fremantle Media. Gaiman will produce the show, alongside Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

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