Want to get paid for watching television?


No, your eyes do not deceive you, Netflix really are hiring people to binge watch their shows, and I’m certain this is my dream job. If you’re anything like me – selectively sociable (and when I say selectively sociable, I mean – would rather spend most of your waking hours with technology rather than with people) then you’re probably already a pro at television gazing anyway. Netflix, I’m over here, employ me!

Don’t all get your hopes up though; applicants are limited to UK residents (I’ve never been so proud to be British) and have to have 1 to 2 years of website/media/editorial experience, along with analysis experience (e.g. as a critic or work in development) – surely that suggests a blogger right? A girl can but dream..

Netflix’s ‘Taggers’, as they will be known, will be responsible for watching and analysing new movies and television shows that the company wish to stream in the future. The tagger needs to be able to deconstruct the films and programmes, and describe them using objective tags. It sounds like the successful applicants will also be watching Netflix original series before they are streamed, which means the lucky b*stards will get to see the new Daredevil series way before the rest of us. NO FAIR!

If you have what it takes, check out the job specs here – just remember to invite me over all the time if you are successful. 

2 thoughts on “Want to get paid for watching television?

  1. Aw man, I wish I could get that job. But it’s only for people who are British, and I’m American. *Sighs* Oh well, I’m probably too young to apply anyway, even if I was British. I’m kinda curious, why is the job offer only for the British? Shouldn’t they employ people from other countries too? After all, people have different takes on stuff, and different tastes in other parts of the world.

    • The British and American Netflix are different, they show different things (British version not being nearly as good as the one in the States) so maybe they’re looking for Brits opinions to make it better for the UK. They probably already have some American ‘taggers’ I expect.

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