Gotta eat them all..


I’ve always wondered what Ash and Misty, and all the other Pokemon trainers eat. Obviously you can find a load of berries in game, so that’s an option, but surely they need a balanced diet with all of that battling?

Which leads me to my main contemplation.. Do they eat Pokemon, or is everyone a vegetarian? I mean, even if they are all vegetarians, loads of Pokemon are plants anyway – what if they accidentally eat a Weeping Bell? In Fact, thinking about it, some Pokemon are specifically made of food.. Like Vanillish and Vanillite, the Ice Cream Pokemon – they seem like they’re kind of asking for it though.

I feel like my innocence is slowly slipping away at the thought of anyone eating a Pokemon, it seems almost cannibalistic in my mind. I am however getting slightly off topic, because this post is actually about an amazing café that is opening up in Japan, a Pikachu themed café, and the best thing? None of the food is actually made of Pokemon.

The Pikachu Café will be opening in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo at the weekend, to coincide with the Pokemon XY Movie Exhibition which runs from 19th July to 31st August. Tickets to the exhibition are around $14.80. The café will be open between 11am and 10pm, serving up a whole menu of Pikachu themed delicacies.

Seriously, the meals they’ve created will blow your mind; Pikachu burgers, and Pikachu curry rice balls (both with nacho ears), Pikachu Pancakes, Pikachu Parfait. There is even Pokeball shaped food. Anyone fancy a road trip?









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