Help me Obi-Won Kenobi, you’re my only hope


My housemates and I are in the process of kitting out our basement and turning it into our very own nerd paradise. We’ve already plastered the walls with posters, and managed to squeeze a pool table down there (granted, we ended up breaking the door in half). Now we’re contemplating a projector for one of the walls.

Projectors are BORING. I’ve been looking at them online for a while now, and they’re all the same. They all cost the same. They all look the same. Only glitter could salvage their dull appearance, and funnily enough, I’ve not managed to find any that are covered with sparkles. Then I saw R2D2 and I pretty much wet myself with excitement. What an obvious yet genius idea.

You all know the scene, so there’s no point explaining why an R2D2 projector is so relevant. And it’s not even just a projector; it’s a droid of all trades – CD player, IPod Dock, FM Radio, Speaker system.. It even moves AND beeps. It’s basically real R2D2, without the hacking abilities and mischievous wandering.

The projector itself can be angled up to 65 degrees, so you can watch an 80” version of A New Hope on the ceiling if you want to. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Artoo is controlled by a Millennium Falcon remote – TAKE MY MONEY!

Unfortunately, Firefox don’t have it in stock anymore, so I can only but dream about it. Plus, the likelihood of it costing anything south of 5 grand also sadly limits my ability to purchase. But if anyone wants to build me one..




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