Who you gonna call.. The Curtis Hotel


If you feel like your life is seriously lacking in the Ghostbusters department, especially seen as it’s the franchises 30th Anniversary this year, you may need to get your ass to Denver. The Curtis Hotel, renowned for its quirky style and themed bedrooms, has created a Ghostbusters themed hotel room, just in time for Denver Comic Con.

The hotel has hundreds of ‘hyper-themed rooms’ spread across 16 themed stories, which include a Sci-Fi Floor, a Dance Floor, a One Hit Wonders Floor, and my personal favourite.. the Dun Dun Dunnnnn floor.

They haven’t given much away about the contents of the new room at the moment – will there be an Ecto-1 shaped bed, will the bathroom be covered with slime. They have however released a couple of photos on their Facebook page which hint at white walls, a green floor, and Ghostbuster logo curtains.

To celebrate the new room addition, the hotel will be holding a little soiree on 22nd July. If you’re in the area, go check it out – expect Stay Puft S’mores, Slimer jelly shots, and the Ghostbusters with their Ecto-1.


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