Wish List (18.07.14)

I thought I’d start a new weekly post called Wish List. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I post relatively often about some of the pretty amazing geeky products that are available online and in stores. These vary from newly released collectables, to gadgets, and even the occasional novelty item.

Even though I’d love to own everything I blog about, I don’t usually end up getting them, generally because they are pretty expensive. That’s where my wish list comes in. These are a few of the products I have to have this week, whether it’s because I genuinely need them for various reasons, or I am just insanely desperate for them. It’s more of a shopping list than a wish list I suppose, and because they are items I will definitely be purchasing, they’re all relatively inexpensive.

Here’s my wish list for this week:

5. DC Batman Collage Wallet


My purse is seriously on its last limb. Picture faded colours and threads coming loose. I’ve needed a new one for ages, but never found a suitable replacement – that was until I came across this amazing Batman zipper wallet from Hot Topic. It’s big enough for cards, notes, and coins, and is only $14.50 – the perfect item to help celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary.

4. Aphrodite IX Graphic Novel


Since coming across the new Aphrodite IX/ Cyber Force comic that was released earlier this week, I’ve been determined to read up on this amazing heroine. Illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Stjepan Sejic, this graphic novel is a must have to get me started on a new fandom, and it’s only £5.25 from Amazon. Bargain.

3. Sonic Screwdriver


After deciding that my next Cosplay costume is going to be the tenth doctor from Doctor Who – David Tennant – I had to start compiling a list of all the things I needed to make my gender bent outfit perfect. This of course included a sonic screwdriver, one of the things I was lacking. Forbidden Planet has a perfect replica for £9.99.

2. Grays Sports Almanac IPad Case


I dropped my IPad earlier this week, and the screen went completely fuzzy. I literally cried ..it’s the one thing I use everyday, it contains my life. After hitting it with a hammer multiple times (long story), it came back to life, but I vowed I would find it a little protection in the form of a case. I found this awesome prop replica from Back to the Future. The case is styled to look like the Almanac that Marty Mcfly buys in the movie. It’s the most expensive item I want, at £19.99, but so worth it. It’s exclusive to Firebox.

1. Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley


Being a huge Scott Pilgrim fan, I obviously adore the genius that is Bryan Lee O’Malley. He released his most recent graphic novel this week; Seconds, so it is imperative that I get my hands on a copy and read the hell out of it. Amazon is selling the book for £11.19.

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