Top 10: Batman Posters

This year is the 75th Anniversary of the caped crusader, the Dark Knight, Batman. To celebrate this prestigious occasion (you don’t turn 75 every day), DC Entertainment are pulling out all the stops. They are bringing us a whole year of announcements, events, and Batman – you should have heard about the new Batman vs Superman movie by now, and you may even have seen some of the new TV shows and comics that are being released. Well, that’s just a snippet of what’s in store.

DC aren’t the only one’s celebrating though. The Poster Posse have created hundreds of posters for Batman’s 75th anniversary. I have gone through and picked my 10 favourites, check them out below.

10. Villains by Alexandros Pyromallis


9. The Man Who Laughs by The Dark Inker


8. Batman Begins by Tom Mitake


7. The Jokers by Robert Bruno


6. Blood and Pearls by Doaly


5. Batman by Patrick Connan


4. Rogues Gallery by Matt Needle


3. Arkham by Orlando Arocena


2. The batmen by Salvador Anguiano


1. The dark Knight trilogy by Rich Davies


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