How to turn your car into a Time Machine


What’s the difference between a boring old car, and a time machine? You’ll know this if you’ve seen Back to the Future. GREAT SCOTT, It’s the Flux Capacitor – the object that makes time travel possible, according to Doc. I’ve really wanted to time travel for ages so, let’s go find one!

..What do you mean they don’t exist!? I beg to differ. Think Geek have just announced that they’ve created some, and they actually work. Well, if by work you mean that they take you into the future one second at a time, then yes, yes they work!

Ok, so their Flux Capacitor isn’t as advanced as you’d like, but is does charge things! Plug it into your vehicles power port, and you’ll get two fully functional USB slots for all of your charging needs, along with a rather stunning light sequence that matches the real Flux Capacitor from the movie.

The Flux Capacitor has only just been announced, so unfortunately won’t be available until September later this year, but at $24.99, I think it needs to go on the wish list.


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