Wish List (25.07.14)

These are a few of the awesome products I intend on getting this week, either because I need them, or I am just insanely desperate for them – because they’re AWESOME. I guess you could say it’s more of a shopping list I suppose, and because they are items I will definitely be purchasing, they’re all relatively inexpensive.

Here’s my wish list for this week:

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I’ve read all seven Harry Potter book’s over and over, but somehow I’ve never actually gotten round to reading any of the other ‘side story’ books created by JK Rowling. Since finding out that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be turned into a movie, I decided it was about time I read it before seeing it on the screen. There’s a copy on Play.com for only £3.75 – I have to get it.

4. Paint Brushes

Not my usual geeky product, I know, but I need some new paint brushes for a genuinely nerdy reason – Warhammer. My housemates are obsessed, and I seem to have been persuaded to give it a go, so now that I have my set of High Elves, I need to start painting, and decent brushes seem like a good place to start. Not wanting to spend too much, I found a set of 10 Royal & Langnickel Taklon Brushes on Amazon. They’ve been reduced down to £4.53, but they seem like a reparable brand. A good place to start I think.

3. Pokemon Card Tin

My boyfriend and I have just started re-collecting Pokemon Cards –Nostalgia overload! We’ve made it our mission to buy a couple of booster packs every time we see them, but my addiction needs something bigger, especially seen as we’re racing to see who can find the most shiny cards. I found these Limited Edition Collectors Tins in Argos for £12.99, and the best thing is you’re guaranteed a shiny EX card. Plus, I’ve got a £10 voucher to use up..

2. Rubiks Cube

I picked up a Rubiks cube for the first time the other day, and it only took me 4 hours or so to solve – I’m not certain that’s massively impressive, but I’m incredibly proud of myself either way. I think I have some sort of Rubiks bug now however, because all I want to do is have another go and beat my time. The only problem is, I don’t actually own one, BUT Amazon has them on sale for £6.49 – Add to Basket.

1. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers Plugs

Plugs are quite hard to come by down the high-street; I’ve only ever really been able to order them online. Still, I seem to wear the same boring black earrings every day – my collection is quite sparse. I figure it’s about time I bought myself some plugs that are a bit more out there, and what better design than one that will show off how much I adore Scott Pilgrim. These particular ones are $17.95 from Plain Jane Plugs. Both are Stainless steel, so they’ll last a long time, and they just look amazing.

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