Comic Book Day (30.07.14)

Here’s a list of all the new comic book series that have been released today. There don’t seem to be as many releases as normal, and to be honest I’m not hugely excited about any of them (well, except one). I’ve featured a few that I’ll probably try out though.

These first issues mean that you’re not missing out on any previous story line, so check them out if you’re looking for a brand new comic story to sink your teeth into, or want to expand your comic collection.

Publisher: Virtigo
Writer: Si Spencer
Artist: Meghan Hetrick et al.

VERTIGO brings you the miniseries of the summer, with four detectives, four time periods, and four dead bodies – all set in London. Edmond Hillinghead is an 1890s overachiever who’s trying to solve a murder no one cares about while hiding his own secret. Karl Whiteman is our dashing 1940s adventurer with a shocking past. Shahara Hasan is 2014’s kickass female Detective Sergeant, who walks the line between religion and power. And Maplewood, an amnesiac from post-apocalyptic 2050, brings a haunting perspective to it all. Si Spencer (HELLBLAZER: CITY OF DEMONS, THE VINYL UNDERGROUND) executes a centuries-spanning murder mystery like nothing you’ve ever seen before, with four sensational artists illustrating a six-page chapter in each issue: Dean Ormston, Phil Winslade, Meghan Hetrick and Tula Lotay

This miniseries sounds like it’s right up my alley. I adore crime/detective dramas, and I’m a huge fan of detectives in general – Batman and Sherlock being two of my favorites. I like the idea of a comic series being spread over multiple timelines, and I’m quite excited to see how the artwork turns out. Four different artists creating illustrations for a timeline that spans over 160 years – it’s going to be very varied.

Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Rob Guillory

Comics’ most beloved homicidal cybernetic kung fu rooster returns for what we humbly anticipate as the most important literary achievement of the 21st Century. All other comics will be made irrelevant. The best thing that’s ever happened to comics, and possibly the best thing that’s ever happened… EVER! Plus: an all-star pin-up gallery from some of the most staggeringly talented artists in the industry! DO. NOT. MISS

This comic series sounds insane. I’ve never read any of the Chew comics before – in fact, I hadn’t even heard of it before the release of this particular comic book. A kung fu rooster? I’m not entirely sure what to expect. All I know is that writer John Layman is pretty awesome. He created the new Batman Eternal series, and continues to throw out amazing storylines each week. If he’s involved in creating this warrior chicken, I have to give it a go.

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Greg Tocchini

Frequent collaborators Remender and Tocchini dive into an aquatic, sci-fi fantasy, following two teams, from the last remaining cities undersea, as they race to the most unexpected alien world of all—the surface of Earth. LOW #1 will be available on July 30th for $3.99, but you can pre-order order it now with Diamond Code: MAY140566.

The synopsis for Low doesn’t give much away, but the artwork for this new comic series instantly caught my eye; it looks great. I’m a fan of Rick Remender as well. He created the Uncanny Avengers series which followed on from the AvX storyline. It’s a comic I’ve been following every month since the release of issue one at the end of 2012, and continue to enjoy. Plus, I don’t think you can go wrong with Aliens.

In the House of the Worm
Publisher: Avatar Press
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Artist: Ivan Rodriguez

The biggest name in fiction, GEORGE RR MARTIN, opens his story vault as we adapt a tale of dark fantasy to comics for the first time with In The House of the Worm. Beneath a ruined city on a forgotten planet lies a world of plots and revenge. When Annelyn is embarrassed in front of his noble friends by the Meatbringer, he sets forth a devious plan that is meant to gain vengeance. But the terrible truth of the dire White Worm turns his ploy into folly in terrible fashion. Join a master storyteller as he spins a uniquely mysterious tale and reveals new worlds of wonder and horror.

No, your eyes do not deceive you; George R.R. Martin has indeed created a comic book series. For those of you that don’t know, GRRM created A Song of Ice and Fire – a series of books that the Game of Thrones television show is based on (You must have watched it at some point). I’m a massive fan of his books so I’m super excited to see how this comic adaption will turn out – it’s based on a short novel he wrote back in 1976. He’s an incredible author who combines history with fantasy, and I don’t expect In the House of a Worm to be any different.

Other new comics out this week:

MidnightTiger – Action Lab Comics
And then Emily was Gone – ComixTribe
Baltimore: The Witch of Harju – Dark Horse Comics
Deep Gravity – Dark Horse Comics
The Shadow Over Innsmouth – Dynamite Entertainment
Sally of the Wasteland – Titan Comics
Armour Hunters: Harbinger – Valiant Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales vs. Wonderland – Zenescope Entertainment

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