Becoming the Mermaid you always wanted to be


I watched The Little Mermaid a million times when I was younger, and I remember constantly thinking ‘why the hell does she want to have legs and be boring, I’ll switch places with her, I’ll be a mermaid’. Sadly, I never ended up meeting a Mermaid in real life, so I could never ask her if she wanted to trade places.

My dream of becoming a beautiful sea siren had unfortunately diminished with adulthood, once I realized that flailing around in the bath tub with my legs joined at the heel was the closest thing to becoming a mermaid that I was going to get. That was until recently when I discovered the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA)

Specializing in ‘Mermaiding’, they provide a fun and whimsical way to keep fit. Their school provides courses and classes for all ages, whether male or female. Basically, you put on one of their mermaid suits, with a monofin tail, and get swimming. The classes can be held just about anywhere – at the beach, in a swimming pool, at a resort, but their rates vary depending on what you want to do.

A one on one session is 1,900Php per person, which is about £26, and the Introduction to Mermaiding class is around £20 for a 2 hour group session. You can even go Mermaid scuba diving, but you must already have a Scuba license. This class is just under £40 for 2 hours. If you want to dress up but you don’t actually know how to swim, then you’re an awful Mermaid, but you do have options, such as a photo shoot.






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