Nerdy Ninja News: w/c 27th July ‘14


– Bill Murray will be voicing the role of Baloo in Disney’s upcoming live action movie; The Jungle Book. It has also been confirmed that Christopher Walken will play King Louie, while Scarlett Johansson voices Kaa. The movie is set for release in October 2015

– Mr Freeze will be the next villain to join the characters in upcoming tv series Gotham. No actor is currently attached to the role.

– Ghostbusters 3 is rumored to focus on an all-female team, with Paul Feig attached as Director. Feig is the director of Bridesmaids, which has led to more rumors such as, will Kristen Wig be one of the new Ghostbusters? None of this is confirmed at the moment, but expect more news to come.

– David Zayas is the latest actor to be added to the cast of Fox’s new television series Gotham. Zayas is known for portraying Sergeant Batista in television series Dexter. He will be playing Sal Maroni, a Gotham city mobster.

– The Mummy will be getting a reboot, and Alex Kurtzman is set to direct. There isn’t much information about the movie at the moment,but Kurtzman has confirmed that it will have more action in it than horror.

– Kelly Frye is joining the cast of television show The Flash as villain Plastique, and J.R. Ramirez is joining sister show, Arrow, as Ted Grant (Wildcat). Both series start up in Autumn.

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