Wish List (01.08.14)

A little bit late, but here’s my wish list for this week – a few of the awesome products I intend on getting, either because I need them, or I am just insanely desperate for them – because they’re AWESOME. I guess you could say it’s more of a shopping list, and because they are items I will definitely be purchasing, they’re all relatively inexpensive.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Graphic Novel

Having seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie recently, I’m pumped up to read a little more about these amazing characters. The movie was incredible; funny and action packed. My only hope is that Brian Michael Bendis’ written version is just as witty. I don’t know whether the movie was based on his particular volumes, seen as vol. 1 was only released in late 2013, but Bendis is an awesome writer so no doubt his adaption will be a good read. It’s £10.99 from Forbidden Planet.

4. 3D Glasses Contact Lens Case

I really need a new case for my contact lenses. My current one is about a year old now, and I’m pretty sure you’re meant to change them every three months or so – my bad. The likelihood of me getting to a Specsavers any time soon is pretty slim with my hectic schedule, so that means.. Internet! I found an amazingly quirky one online, modelled on 3D specs. I could go for a really cheap plain one, but that’s just boring, and I’m definitely not boring! It’s not too expensive, at only $9. You can find it at Kikkerland.

3. Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

I’m not entirely sure how I’ve gone so long without playing Dungeons and Dragons, because I’ve wanted to for a really long time – way before I added it to my geeky bucket list. The problem is finding people to play it with. I mean, a lot of my friends are nerdy, but I think they’d prefer spending an evening down the pub than in my basement with the game. Signal awesome solution – my local has just started holding a board game night on Wednesdays AND people can bring their own along. I am going to get people playing D&D whether they like it or not, I just need to buy it first. Fortunately, Games Lore are selling it for £13.49.

2. Pokedex IPhone Case

I seem to get through phone case’s quite quickly. It’s either caused by excessive use, or by being a ridiculously clumsy person who constantly drops their phone – either way, my cases don’t last more than a month or so. The latest, an R2D2 case I got on Free Comic Book Day, has lasted a surprisingly long time, but it’s not a very good fit for my phone, which constantly slips out of the rubber lining. This led me to Amazon browsing, which in turn lead me to this awesome case modelled on a Pokedex from Pokemon. It looks incredibly cool, and can double up as a Cosplay accessory. It’s only £9.99.

1. Joker Converse

Converse have literally just released a new line of high tops, and they’re based on DC characters. I love every single pair, but my favourites are the ones with the Joker on them. The specific image is Jock’s iconic HAHAHA Joker – which I adore. Now, at $60, they’re definitely not cheap, and are probably the most expensive thing I’ve had on my wish list, but I do need a new pair (I get through shoes quicker than I get through phone cases) and I just got a bonus at work – I think I can afford to splurge.

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