Life Lately #1

I thought I’d give you guys an insight into what I’ve been up to recently, and share all of the things that have made me happy over the last couple of weeks.

IGN invited me to a Game Preview Session in London where I got to play demos of loads of upcoming games such as Alien Isolation, and Assassin’s Creed Unity. The game I spent most time playing though was Sunset Overdrive. It is amazing; I can’t wait until it’s out.

Reel Big Fish are one of my all-time favourite bands, and probably the band I have seen live more than any others. They played the venue just up the road from my house, so my friend Emily and I went along for a major skanking session. You can’t see us very well, but we have smiles from ear to ear.

I finally got my hands on a Bombshell Variant cover. I adore Ant Lucia’s DC pin-up ladies, so when I found out DC were using his artwork for their July comic book covers, I excitably got my ass to the local comic store and reserved a copy of Harley Quinn. It finally arrived and is beautiful.

I also picked up copies of Big Trouble in Little China, Aphrodite IX /Cyberforce, Amazing Spider-Man, and Uncanny Avengers, as well as a load of Lush goodies.

Kristain Nair, the massive guy who plays Hodor in the Game of Thrones television series, did a DJ set at a local club in Portsmouth. I couldn’t resist getting a photo with him.

Haribo have started doing Minion sweets. They don’t taste amazing, but they look so cool, and are so much fun to play with before you end up eating them.

I’ve had a slight Pokemon addiction recently – well, more so than usual. I started playing PokeMMO, which is an online version of Pokemon, and it reignited my love of the franchise.

So I ended up continuing my Pokemon Card collection. I already have so many shinys.

And I bought loads of new Pokemon Plugs from eBay.

One of my favourite comedians, Jim Jefferies, was performing at the O2 Academy in Brixton, so I had to go check him out. His live performance did not disappoint; I was in hysterics all the way through the set.

After about 7 years of service, I decided it was time for my HP Laptop to retire, so I ordered myself a lovely new Alienware laptop. It is absolutely beautiful, and is powerful enough for me to play any MMORPG game I want to – just have to decide where to start.

What have you guys been up to recently?

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