Everyday Cosplay: Anna and Elsa (Frozen)


Frozen is one of the most popular Disney movies at the moment, in fact.. Its probably one of the most popular animated movies of all time. Children everywhere want to be these two loyal sisters, and even adults seem to admire their independence. Unfortunately, if you want to go as far as dressing up like Anna and Elsa, you’ll find it quite difficult to fit into one of Disney’s ready made dresses unless you’re under 3 foot.

I’ve created some Everyday Cosplays for all the adults out there, so that you can take your love of Frozen to everyday extreme. Check them out below:


The basis of Anna’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a skirt, shirt, cardigan and boots. The black boots are generic knee highs from Timberland. They’re expensive, at about £72, but the small heel makes them perfect for running around snow capped mountains. The blue skater skirt is from New Look, and the little black bralet top is from Nelly. The burgandy cardigan is from Burberry – I would have liked one a little longer, but this one seems to work pretty well anyway.

Anna normally wears long, pale blue sleeves under a black vest, so I picked this turquoise scarf from Nordstorm to add an extra colour to the ensemble. She also tends to wear a bonnet as well, so I added this burgandy Trilby hat from Liberty to match her cardi. I finished her outfit off with some Olaf the Snowman earrings from Target. These represent her playful, slightly innocent side. Plus, they’re just ridiculously adorable.


Elsa’s Everyday Cosplay is predominantly made up of a dress. It was hard to chose the perfect one, so I ended up picking two. The first is a gorgeous pale blue chiffon dress from Amazon, which is a little too dressy for everyday, but is just stunning. Lined with crystals, it’s exactly what I imagine Elsa to wear. The other is slightly more appropriate – a blue bandeau dress from House of Fraser. The colour is perfect, and it still has a sweetheart neckline, similar to Elsa’s ball gown.

I added a white lace cardigan from Zalando, and some White lace court shoes from Monsoon. Funnily enough, I couldn’t find anything sculpted from Ice, but thought these almost matching items would compliment the dress. I picked a silver and Topaz snowflake necklace from JC Penney to finish off the outfit, and even found some amazing blue nail polish from Etsy that will coat your fingers in tiny sparkles and snowflakes.

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