10 Gifts for the Guardians of the Galaxy Lover in your Life


Guardians of the Galaxy is taking the cinema by storm. Everybody I’ve talked to about the newly released film absolutely adore it and can’t praise it enough, so it’s no wonder that GOTG merchandise is being thrown about left right and centre. These generic lunchboxes and pencil cases are nice and all, but Etsy is the place to go to find some of the more unique, beautiful products. Here are some of my favourite finds.

Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Cassette by Cosplayincorporated


Awesome Mix Vol. 1 IPhone Case by Densus88


Keep Calm and I am Groot IPhone Case by EverydayPins


GOTG Family Car Sticker by EpicFamilyDecals


Dancing Baby Groot by StudioKitsu


GOTG Cassette Tape Necklace by BlueeyedMagic


Baby Groot Earrings by Nerdgirlwensi


Star Lord Ring by mygeekhusband


Rocket Raccoon Ear Hair Clips by Frostbittenfox


I Am Groot Tshirt (as worn by Vin Diesel) by Sixteen9


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