Unboxing: Loot Crate (Villains)


I’ve just received August’s Loot Crate in the mail, and it occurred to me that I haven’t actually written a blog post about July’s yet. Here’s a quick run-through of all the bits and bobs I found inside. I even created an unboxing video – aren’t you guys a lucky bunch!!

For those of you that don’t know, Loot Crate is a company based in the US, who provide a nerdy themed mystery box service every month. The boxes are filled with a variety of different geeky products such as T-shirts, comics, stickers, and toys – they try their best to appeal to lots of different ages.

Each month brings with it a different theme, and July’s was Villains. When I think of villains, I automatically picture Joker and Riddler – all of Batman’s nemesis’ really. I guess I’m just more familiar with those bad boys than any other, so I was intrigued to see who else they included.

Here’s a breakdown of everything inside;


Rocket Raccoon #1 Comic Book – I’ve been desperate to read the new Rocket Raccoon series since its release. It’s the real deal – a copy of Skottie Young’s issue 1 – though I’m not sure why Rocket would be included in the ‘Villains’ mystery box (apart from the fact that Thanos is on the cover).


Deadpool Socks – You can never have too many socks in my opinion, and these particular foot cosies look pretty damn awesome.


Joker and Harley Quinn Posters – I absolutely love these. My bedroom is already covered in posters; whether from bands, or comics, or movies, but there’s always room for more – I will find room for more!! The Joker poster in particular is one of my favorite Joker depictions of all time, a creation by artist Jock.


Darth Vader Keyring – This wasn’t my most favorite product, but a nice addition none the less, even though it was a little on the dull side.


Bowser Magnet – Pretty much my first ever magnet, so I’m a little chuffed with this bad boy.


Necessary Evil DVD – Still not entirely sure what to expect when I shove this in my xbox to watch, but I love a good surprise.


Joki T-shirt – I love fan fiction mash-ups, and the Loki/Joker combination is a pretty good idea, though I can’t say I’m a fan of the artwork on the T-shirt. I really can’t see myself wearing this.


I really liked that they decorated the inside of every Loot Crate this month. Hopefully they’ll continue to do this, as it’s a nice touch.

The Villains theme was a nice idea, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite (so far, Aprils Dragon Loot Crate is winning). I really like the posters and the Rocket Raccoon comic book, but I wasn’t terribly fussed about the rest of the products. I am however looking forward to next month’s theme – Heroes, so I’m keeping my subscription for now.

The boxes are only around $13 if you’re from the US, which is an amazing price, but shipping them to the UK costs a little more, just under £20. If you want to sign up to get next months box, check out the Loot Crate Website here.

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