Fandom Fashion Finds: Tricera Hi-Tops


I have a thing about shoes. The thing I have a lot of them. Low tops, high tops, colourful, cartoony – though I don’t recall ever owning a pair with dinosaurs on, and now I feel incredibly sad! BUT NOT FOR LONG because possibly the greatest shoes I have ever seen are about to come into existence! They don’t just have dinosaurs on them ..they ARE dinosaurs.

They’re called Tricera Hi-Tops, and yes, your deductive skills have done you well – they are indeed based on the prehistoric dinosaur with the same name (well minus the shoe pun). The concept is currently part of a Kick Starter project created by Brooklyn based company, Archaix Laboratories LLC, who seem to have reached their $25,000 goal already and still have around 3 weeks left to go.

If you pledge $99 before the 12th September (which is when the Kick Starter ends), you’ll receive a pair of these bad boys as appreciation – you can pledge less, but who wants sunglasses or a polo shirt when shoes are staring you in the face. The shoes themselves are designed around a pair of conventional Velcro trainers, so they will be comfortable and durable – the only difference being that there are three memory foam horns poking out.

I’m not 100% sure that they’re available to us muggles in the UK at the moment, but no doubt they will be on the market soon.




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