2K Games Steam Sale


Game Publishers, 2K Games, have just announced the beginning of a massive sale for their entire game catalogue on Steam. With between 50% and 80% off everything, you’re looking at some AMAZING bargains. I for one am going to be taking full advantage of this, especially now I have a sexy new laptop (yes I’m going to keep throwing this little fact out there as much as possible because it is beautiful).

The sale is just for the Weekend, finishing on 24th August, so get in there while you can. Here are some of my personal favourites. You can check out all of their reduced games here.

Borderlands – £3.29 (-67%)
Borderlands 2 – £4.99 (-75%)
Borderlands 2: Game of the Year – £8.74 (-75%)
Bioshock – £3.49 (-75%)
Bioshock 2 – £3.49 (-75%)
Bioshock Infinate – £4.99 (-75)
Bioshock Infinate + Season Pass – £10.79 (-70%)
Bioshock: Triple Pack – £8.24 (-83%)
XCOM: Complete – £8.24 (-67%)
Mafia II – £4.99 (-75%)
The Darkness II – £3.99 (-80%)
Civilization V: Complete Edition – £11.54 (-67%)

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