Life Size Boba Fett


Have you ever thought ‘My life is seriously lacking in the 6 foot Boba Fett department – for touching and cuddling purposes’? Just me? On days gone by you may have said I was creepy. BUT NOT TODAY! Today, Sideshow Collectibles, that insane company who create incredibly life like toys and statues, have announced the release of a Life Size Boba Fett Statue. It seems I’m not the only one who fantasises of nights in with a certain Bounty Hunter – and silent at that, even better!

This 78.5 inch figure has been created by Tom Spina Designs in conjunction with Sideshow Collectibles. He is dressed up in authentic Mandalorian armour – helmet included, along with blasters, jetpack, tools, utility belt, and even some Wookie Scalp accessories (gross). Fett will put you back about $7,499, which is probably more than I paid for my car, but there is a payment plan available which means you can pay off about $750 a month. It is so worth it. The statue isn’t available until February 2015 anyway, so think of all that saving you can do between now and then!






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