Everyday Cosplay: The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)


Yesterday witnessed the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, starring Peter Capaldi as the regenerated Doctor. To celebrate, I decided to dress up as my favourite doctor, ten, played by David Tennant in years gone by. I’ve created an Everyday Cosplay outfit so that everyone else can join in and dress up as well. Check it out below:


The Doctors Everyday Cosplay is made up of shoes, shirt, cardigan, jacket, skirt, and a necklace. The shoes are a pair of red converse. These particular ones are from Office. I chose to add a navy skirt instead of trousers, which is from New Look. I also went for a navy cardigan instead of a blazer, which is from Tommy Hillfinger. The white shirt is by James Perse. It’s a V neck shirt because I find them much more comfortable than the ones that button up all the way up to your neck. The beigey brown jacket is from Fat Face. I like this product the most out of everything. Finally, I added a Tardis Necklace from Hot Topic.


My personal Cosplay differed slightly because It was last minute, so I utilised the things I already had in my wardrobe. Instead of a necklace, I wore a red tie like the Doctors, which I purchased from Amazon a while ago. My Jacket was much shorter in length, and was found in the sale at BHS. I’ve had my shirt for ages, so I’m not even sure where it’s from anymore. My skirt and cardigan were both old purchases from New Look. I wore black because I didn’t have a blue skirt and wanted both to match. I did wear red converse. These are generally the same price everywhere, mine were also from Office. I added a Sonic Screwdriver from Forbidden Planet to finish off the costume, along with a pair of 3D glasses.

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