Wish List (22.08.14)

Here’s my nerdy wish list for this week. It contains a few of the awesome products I intend on getting, either because I need them, or because I’m just insanely desperate for them – they’re all AWESOME. I guess you could say it’s more of a shopping list, and because they are items I will be purchasing, they’re all relatively inexpensive.

5. TMNT Make Up Bag

I spilled foundation inside my current make up bag and decided it was probably about time I got a new one rather than attempt to clean it up. Looking online, I came across the perfect sized bag on the Spencer’s website. It’s decorated with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s on a purple background, and is only $12.99. It’s big enough to fit all of my most used make up items in, but small enough to fit into my bag.

4. Last of Us Game

The Last of Us has just been remastered for the Playstation 4, so a few of my friends have started playing it, and can’t rave enough about how awesome the game is. I have a Playstation 3 which I very rarely use because I’m a loyal Xbox user, but I think it’s probably about time I dusted it off, and what better game to start playing than the Last of Us. Now that it’s available on the PS4, PS3 prices have gone way down, which works out nicely in my favour. Base.com have it for only £17.49.

3. Rocket Raccoon Pop! Vinyl

I just got my first Pop! Vinyl figure – Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. The only problem is, he looks awfully lonely up there on my shelf alone, so I think I need another one, preferably one of the GOTG team. Also, it’s possible I may just be addicted now that I’ve seen how cute Funko’s toys are up close and personal. Anywho, Rocket Raccoon is equally as cute as Groot, so I think he’ll be my next addition, and he’s only £9.99 from Lair of the Octopus.

2. X-mon Tshirt

I came across this amazing Tshirt on Redbubble and have to have it. It’s £16.65 but so worth it, depicting a Pokemon / X-Men mashup where Pikachu is Storm, Squirtle is Iceman, and Psyduck is Professor X. You can have the image on any colour Tshirt, but it looks best on the blue in my opinion.

1. Assault on Arkham Blu-Ray

I watched this animated movie round a friends house the other day, and thought it was great. Based in Gotham, the Suicide Squad are hired to infiltrate Arkham Asylum to steal the Riddlers cane which is held in storage below the building. They encounter some familiar faces, including The Joker, and the Dark Knight himself. It’s a really good story line, exciting and nostalgic. The movie has just been released on Blu Ray for £12.99 at Zavvi, so this is something I am looking forward to purchasing.

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