Adventure Time: Burley Fairy Festival

I went to my first ever Fairy Festival at the weekend, located in the witchy village of Burley, New Forest.


My friends and I decided to take part in true style, and created our own fairy costumes to wear on the day. We even made our own wings. You can find a tutorial here.


I was a brightly coloured neon fairy, but Lucy and Zoe were a little more subtle


There were a lot of amazing things on sale. I found loads of stalls selling beautiful crystals – nearly every gem you could imagine.


There were wings, wands, and flower crowns on sale if you didn’t come prepared.


There was even some stuff for the boys. I loved this Game of Foams stand.


Bands were playing throughout the day.


And I managed to get my hands on some cute fairy cakes – the perfect fairy festival food.


You could get your palms read or go to a Tarot card reader. I ended up trying out the Reiki Crystal Healing.


There were loads of people dressed up. I loved this gothic/steampunk fairy costume.


And this homemade woodland fairy.


People even dressed up their dogs


We had an insanely fun time. Everyone was friendly, and lots of people came up to us to complement our costumes. I can’t wait to see how the festival has grown next year.

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