Trailer Time: Pokken Tournament


Ever wondered what a Pokemon Streetfighter style game would look like? Well check out the trailer below, because Nintendo are joining forces with Bandai Namco’s Tekken team to create Pokken Tournement, and have released a teaser trailer so fans can see what to expect.

The trailer shows Machamp and Lucario really battling it out. Both Pokemon of course are fighting types, so it’s currently unclear as to whether this will be the only type available in game – I hope not.

This new Pokemon game is going to be a welcome addition to the franchise in my opinion – if it truly is going to be what they say it is of course. At the moment, if you want to see two pokemon really get in each other’s faces, you have to download one of the fan-made Pokemon games out there, like Pokemon 3D, or Pokemon: Type Wild – both of which are difficult to get your hands on. That’s not to say that getting Pokken will be much easier. Announced to arrive in Japanese arcades in 2015 – let’s hope it also gets released on a console.

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