Elder Scrolls Update 4


Elder Scrolls Online have just announced a loyalty plan for their subscribers, which is due to start in September. YAY – free stuff! If you’ve been subscribed for three months or more, expect goodies to start flooding your way – the first being a vanity pet in the form of a High Hrothgar Wraith. They also suggested that those who have been subscribed for six months or more will receive something extra, but what that will be is currently unknown.

I’m not sure how frequently these gifts will occur, but ESO have stated that the loyalty program will keep expanding over time, so expect a bundle of in-game awesomeness. I’ve only been playing for about a month, but am addicted, so this news is incredibly awesome in my opinion because I have wanted a pet to follow me around since I started. Just two more months to go and it’s mine!!

This isn’t the only ESO news circulating though. Zenimax just released some stunning pieces of artwork showcasing Craglorn, a new area coming to the Elder Scrolls Online map in update 4. According to their website, players will face treacherous new deives, the Serpent Trial, the Dragonstar Arena, and more as you explore the MMORPG’s first Adventure zone.

Update 4 is currently available as a PTS (Public Test Environment) for players to try out. You can pick up a level 14 character template and dive straight into Craglorn. To find the PTS, open the ESO launcher, and click on ‘Show Public Test Environment’ within the Options menu. You’ll then be able to download the client and play the PTS by selecting it under Games.




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