Fandom Fashion Find: I am the Law


When I come across movie or game prop replicas, I get all excitable. I don’t know why. I think I just love owning a little bit of my favorite franchises. I have Ramona Flowers’ bag from Scott Pilgrim, and a one ring from lord of the Rings. I even have a time turner necklace from Harry Potter.

There’s loads of stuff I’d love replicas of, but the one thing I never thought about until this very moment, is a Judge Badge. You know – the shield that Judge Dredd owns. It just never crossed my mind, until I saw this beautiful Judge Badge necklace, that owning one would be awesome – and it really would be!

I’m a massive fan of 2000AD and the Judges. I even loved the latest movie starring Karl Urban as the man himself. You secretly know it was good so don’t sigh! So when I saw this pendent on the DTA Jewelry website I thought I was going to start hyperventilating. It is stunning.

Created using gold plated stainless steel and a 3D printer, it looks smart as hell, with the Judge’s badge on the front, ‘I am Law’ on the back with the Hall of Justice’s logo, and a few inscriptions down the sides; ‘Prop of Megacity 1’ and ‘Prepare to be judged’.

The pendant comes on a paracord necklace with a snap together quick release clasp, but you could put it on a chain if you wanted, or even a keyring. The only thing I’d worry about is how heavy the big chunk of metal would be around my neck.





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