Sunset Overdrive Bundles


If you guys haven’t heard about Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive yet, then consider this me filling you in. Exclusive for Xbox One, this is the craziest game I’ve seen in a while. It’s set in a fictional open world called Sunset City, where you play as an employee of FizzCo (this energy drink that’s turning people into orange blobby mutants) and fight said mutants with an array of crazy ass modified weapons – Teddy Bear grenade launcher, Vinyl Slingers etc. There are zip lines and grind rails, tones of Parkour and ridiculous amounts of bouncy objects to jump on. It’s Infamous meets Just Cause. It looks shit hot.


For those of you who have heard of the game, and are as excited as I am to get your hands on it, you need to check out the bundles that are becoming available. At Game you can get the Overcharge Delerium XT Edition bundle, which comes with the game and a whacky hoody. The hoody looks as insane as the game; half orange, half multi-coloured, with cans of FizzCo and cross hairs covering it. Ok, so maybe it’s a little out there, but it works out at about a tenner which is a bargain – the bundle is £54.99 and the game on its own is £44.99.


Another awesome bundle is the White Xbox One bundle. This is the first time the White Xbox One has become available to the public, and it comes with a copy of Sunset Overdrive thrown in. The bundle contains a 500GB Xbox with a matching white wireless controller. You can get it for £309.97 at Gamestop. It will go on sale on 31st October – the games release date.

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