Artist Alley: Space Art


I think it’s a given that if you’re geekily inclined, you’re probably going to like space as a subject. Some of my favourite shows and movies are based in space; Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Alien, so it’s a little obvious that I’m intrigued about what lies beyond earth. I absolutely love learning about the universe on a day to day basis, and even though it’s far too massive to comprehend half the time, I still love looking out at the stars and planets as often as I am able.

That’s the problem with living in a city though – there’s always so much light pollution, that it’s near impossible to see anything clearly without a incredibly powerful telescope. Well, I have a THE single best solution to getting your space fix daily – Space Art! It’s not really space as you see it, but more like space as you would like to see it – beautiful beyond compare.

Artist Sam Chatfield has managed to create some of the most stunning space images I’ve ever seen, and they all come from his imagination. Using purely spray paint, along with kitchen pan lids and plant pots, he can bash out a representation of the universe in less than five minutes. Check out some of his stuff here, along with a video of him doing one of his pieces – you’re guaranteed to be as impressed as I am.

If you fancy one for yourself, like his facebook page and send a request.










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