Deadpool Movie


I know, I know; I haven’t written a post in ages – I’ve been busy alright, doing that self-discovery stuff. But well, if any news was going to get me back on the blog posting, it was going to be this.. DEADPOOL MOVIE IS GO!! Yes, Deadpool is FINALLY getting his own movie. Do you remember the leaked footage from Comic con, about a potential Deadppol movie? Well, looks like it was more accurate than we though, because Marvel announced that the Merc with the Mouth will have his own flick by 2016.

Not much is currently known about the upcoming movie, except for the fact that Twentieth Century Fox are attached to the film, along with director Tim Miller. It will also be live action – The test footage was produced in CG, but the real deal will be, well.. real. Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in reprising the role of Deadpool, whether he gets the part or not is still questionable. Expect the film to hit cinema screens on 12th February, 2016.

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