Batgirl Premium Figure


Today marks a new era for Batgirl, as issue 35 hits the shelves. We say goodbye to the talented Gail Simone, and hello to duo Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher, along with upcoming artist, Babs Tarr – who, as a team, completely redesigned Barbara Gordon for their new comic series.

I love Barbara. She is quite possibly my favourite super heroine; whether she’s in her wheelchair as Oracle, or jumping off buildings as Batgirl. Her new makeover is incredibly exciting, but I must admit, I am going to miss her looking like the Babs I know.

That’s why Sideshow Collectables have made my day. They have just announced a new addition to their DC Comics collection – Batgirl! The figure looks stunning. Wearing a dark purple leather batsuit with gold accents in the form of the Bat symbol, gloves, boots and utility belt, she has a cowl and cape, and comes balanced on a beautiful stand.

The statue is around 22 inches tall in total, and comes with a relatively hefty price tag, at £329.99. She is available for pre order, but won’t be released until 31st July, 2015.







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