Dredd Miniseries in the works


The Dredd franchise has always been a popular one. In fact, the Judge Dredd strip is 2000ADs longest running comic. There have been games and board games, novels and movies. The most recent of which, starring Karl Urban, was met with divided opinions. The film has since developed a massive cult following who have been desperate for a sequel to the 2012 movie, going as far as signing petitions.

Well, they may be in luck. A movie still hasn’t been confirmed, but a seven part miniseries has been announced. Adi Shankar, who was an Executive Producer for the first film, is developing a miniseries to thank the fans. The series will focus on the Dark Judges rather than Dredd himself, but the character could possibly appear in the miniseries. Whether Karl Urban is up for appearing or not is unknown.

This won’t be Shankar’s first solo project for a major movie. He created a short for the movie Punisher, called Dirty Laundry (which was absolutely epic). The miniseries starred Thomas Jane – the actor who played Punisher in the movie – and Ron Perlman. He also created Venom: Truth in Journalism.

The miniseries will be available for free, but a release date is currently unknown.

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