Fandom Fashion Finds: In the name of the Moon


American clothing company, Poprageous, have just released a Sailor Scouts clothing line based on the recently rebooted anime series; Sailor Moon. Their collection is comprised of crop tops, leggings, and dresses, most of which are styled to look like the costumes of the Scouts; Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury – picture lots of bows, lots of lace, and lots of bright colours. It’s everyday cosplay at its finest.

The prices for each product vary. You’re looking at $39 for a top, $80 for a dress, and $95 for a dress. I’ve personally never bought anything from Poprageous before.. always been a Black Milk Clothing fan myself, but these outfits are so unique that I feel like I may need to give them a go. I just hope they’re made of a good quality material.







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