Batman Stamps


If you didn’t know that this year marked Batman’s 75th Anniversary, then you must have been hiding under a rock. DC has been going completely over the top on announcements, that it’s genuinely been hard to keep up – New movies, animations, TV shows, comics, events, collections, products.. You name it. There was even a batman day!

It will therefore come as no surprise that their latest addition to Batman’s 2014 takeover is a selection of stamps. DC have designed a sheet of 20 stamps which can be purchased from the USPS website for $9.80 – yes, this is exclusively for Americans (On that note, if any American friends would like to send me a postcard covered in Batman stamps, I will love you forever).

The stamps come in eight unique styles. Four of them show Batman depicted from four different eras. The other four show his iconic Bat Symbol and how it has changed over time. They can all be used as regular, first class stamps, or can be purchased as a keepsake. There is even a framed set up for grabs.




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