Gummi Bear Candles


I remember scrolling through the Firebox website a while back, and coming across their Pyropet Candle, which was essentially a candle shaped like a cat. When lit, the wax melted away to reveal a metal kitty skeleton, and it looked awesome – but I don’t like cats. Well I do, but not enough to warrant buying a cat shaped candle.

So, feeling disappointed, I had completely forgotten about the idea, until I came across a Kickstarter campaign by Skeleton Candles. Their candles are based on something I like a little more than cats.. a lot more than cats in fact – Gummi Bears. There are currently six different colours available, and having achieved their $5,000 goal, their creation is imminent.

The candles will stand at 8.5 inches tall and will burn for approximately 100 hours. There is currently no details on how much they will be, or where you can buy them, but I expect they’ll appear on quite a few internet stores soon – I’ll keep you posted if I come across them.





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