Fandom Friday: Characters I would want at my Dinner Party


So I haven’t written a post in about a month now, which kind of sucks. It’s not due to lack of inspiration or anything (I have about 5 full pages of potential posts in my trusty notebook) I just haven’t had the time to write them up. Real life is stressful guys, and mines at the peak of hecticness – yes, I’m aware that’s not a word, but it’s totally the way I’m feeling right now. Not to mention I haven’t been in the best of places recently.

Anyway, a life without sharing all my obsessions is getting me down, so I really need to get my nerdy mojo back and commence forcing amazing info down all your throats, and what better way to do that than to start up a new weekly segment – 5 Fandoms Friday. I got this idea from a blog I came across; SuperSpaceChick. She basically gives everyone a topic, and you take that and create your list, which suits me because – list love!!

I guess it’ll give you a better insight into who I am and what I adore.. though if you read my blog regularly (or did when I was posting) you can probably guess most of my favourite fandom’s already *cough Pokemon Cough*

This week’s subject is ‘Characters I would invite to my Thanksgiving Feast’. Now, being a British gal, I don’t do Thanksgiving, so I modified it slightly to Dinner Party. I’m thinking ‘Come Dine With Me’ – that channel 4 program where contestants cook for each other. So, without further ado..

1. Scott Pilgrim

Scott is one cool dude. We share a mutual love of video games and music, not to mention a mutual dislike for ex’s, so we’d have lots to talk about. Also, he has great taste in Women. Also, he loves garlic bread.

2. Moss (IT Crowd)

I love listening to Moss ramble on about things I can only dream of ever understanding. I could listen for hours. Plus, if he wasn’t at the dinner party and someone had an accident, who would call emergency services? *Sings* 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

3. Sherlock

Debatably the most interesting person in existence, his wit and intelligence is more than welcome at my dinner table. He can run through his latest cases and give me tips on analysing people to creepiness. Plus, he no doubt makes a great cuppa, being a fellow Brit and all.

4. Harley Quinn

I can’t be the only female at this gathering, not to mention I have a need for mischief to fulfil, so Harley is next on my list. She’ll tell me how much she loves Mista J, while I’ll tie her shoe laces together under the table, then I’ll rant about how much I love Batman, while she scowls and whacks me on the head with her giant hammer – it’s the little things.

5. Thor

Well I have to have some eye candy don’t I? It was a toss-up between the Asguardian and Bruce Wayne, because.. that raspy voice! But I decided I needed someone out of this world, plus I don’t think Harley would be best pleased (or vice versa ). He can give me tips on keeping my hair glossy, and I’ll keep him supplied with lots and lots of alcohol *wink wink*

3 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: Characters I would want at my Dinner Party

  1. Great list! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad week. Maybe this video will help:

    Hope it helps! If it doesn’t, I have other videos. 😉

      • This is not my video, but I wish it was mine! I just realized that I wasn’t very clear about that in my last comment, sorry about that. The video was uploaded by a very talented singer on Youtube who goes by the name LIZZ. She sings both Japanese and English songs, and she also sings English versions of Japanese songs, she even made the English lyrics for some of the English versions herself. She’s really worth checking out some time. I’m glad you liked the video! 😀

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