Star Wars Teaser Trailer


I’ve got to admit, when I first saw the Star Wars Teaser Trailer, I was a little underwhelmed. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I wanted something a little more ..Epic. I wanted a little less nostalgia and a little more originality. I wanted something I’d never, ever contemplate seeing.

My friends’ arguments were.. It’s just a teaser. They’ve only just finished filming. They’re not going to reveal anything yet. They’ll have just hashed together finished scenes. NO. This is Star Wars. They will NOT have hashed together scenes. Everything is going to mean something.

So, I watched the trailer again, then re-watched, and re-watched. I analysed and analysed, and I am definitely a hell of a lot more excited now!

So, my thoughts:

Well first up is the narrator. The sinister declaration; ‘There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it’ sent my brain into overdrive. Everybody seemed to think it was Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice, but being an avid Sherlock fan, I knew it wasn’t him. A friend mentioned Andy Serkis, and I think he’s right. This small segment of narration seems to suggest he will be portraying somewhat of a mentor figure – whether that’s for the dark or light side is up for speculation.

Next – there are only three cast members prominently featured; John Boyega (dressed up as a Stormtrooper), Daisy Ridley (shown driving a brown vehicle), and Oscar Isaac (Piloting an X-Wing). I don’t know about you, but to me this suggests that these three are going to be the Luke, Leia, and Han of the new trilogy, otherwise why would they be the first actors to be shown? I don’t think JJ Abrams would give them Teaser time if they’re not of the greatest importance.

So this leads me to the integral point – who are they? Well, Isaac’s character is wearing that all important Rebel Alliance symbol on his helmet and chest, so he’s got to be one of the good guys right? ..and Boyega, well.. Just because he’s crammed into Stormtrooper armour, does not mean that he is meant to be. He looks incredibly uncomfortable and panicked, like he’s on the run. I think it’s possible that he’s either a deserter, or a pretender. Ridley also looks like she’s trying to get away from something. Are all three being hunted? Have all three had ‘an awakening’?

One thing for certain is that the cloaked figure has definitely had an awakening.. and not of the good kind. It isn’t clear who the protagonist is, and wearing a cloak, you can’t even tell whether they are male or female so I’m not jumping to conclusions, but either way, they have a rather deadly looking lightsaber – and is it me, or does that thing look more jagged than usual? Home made almost..

So that’s the cast, but what about the vehicles.. Well, the Millenium Falcon almost seems to be the star of the Teaser. Introduced with John Williams’ undeniable Star Wars theme music, it looks stunning. Like, ridiculously stunning. There is no way Han Solo and Chewbacca are responsible for that. The grit and grime has gone, showing this shiny exterior. She’s either traded hands, or Leia has taken charge of her up keep.

Then there are those X-Wings. They’re just as beautiful. But what about that speeder Daisy Ridley’s riding!? Can’t say I’ve seen one of those before.. It’s hideous but excitingly new.

Another key scene in the trailer is of the little ball shaped Droid. He’s adorable! My guess is he’s a new R2D2 style machine, not forgetting this is set 30 years after the six previous Star Wars films. He looks like he’s zipping through a Tatooine style city.. Did someone say déjà vu!? ‘These aren’t the droids you’re looking for’

Check the Teaser Trailer out below

One thought on “Star Wars Teaser Trailer

  1. i love your thoughts on this- homemade lightsaber, i never though of that. that’d be awesome! and i hadn’t considered that the three people shown in the trailer would be our new main characters, but now that you mention it i think you’re probably right 🙂

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