10 Amazing Force Awakens Fan Art Posters


The teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie; The Force Awakens, hasn’t even been out a week yet, and fans are already creating illustrations and posters based on the 80 second video.

It appears that the Star Wars hype will be around for quite some time now. Why not embrace it and check out the amazing fan art already circulating the web. Here are my 10 favourite posters so far – I’m expecting a lot more to come.

10. Droids by APlaPi


9. The Force Awakens by rnlaing


8. Star Wars VII Vector Sketch by Orlando Arocena


7. The Force Awakens by Laurie Greasley


6. The Force Awakens by Patrick Seymore


5. The Firce Awakens by ManuelMorgadoArt


4. The Force Awakens by Ekanaut


3. The Force Awakens by Legion of Potatoes


2. The Force Awakens by Igor Campus


1. Your Nice New Outfit by Phil Noto


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