Hogwarts Letter Purse


I’ve been waiting for my acceptance letter for Hogwarts to arrive for the past 15 years, and still nothing – No Hagrid, no owl, nothing. I think I should probably reside myself to the fact that I’m a little too old to attend school now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want the offer.

Well this Hogwarts Letter Purse will do nicely. Created by Etsy seller TobaccoPouch, it’s an exact replica of the prop used in the movie, only modified so that you can store your cash in it. Made from real leather, it contains 4 pockets that can be used to hold money, cards, phones and any other small objects that take your fancy.

The purse closes with a Hogwarts wax seal that has been intricately hand made using polymer clay. There is also an option to purchase it with your name and address on, rather than Harry Potters – though I’m not certain I want to carry around a purse with my house keys in, that documents where I live.




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