Fairy Tale Characters with an Eastern Twist


When I think of fairy tale characters, my mind instantly goes to Disney. They’ve covered just about every fable and folk tale possible, and I’ve grown up with all of them. From Cinderella and Snow White, to the more recent Rapunzel and Princess and the Frog, Disney have made an almost iconic claim to the stories that have been around  far longer than they have.

The way Disney have illustrated their Princesses, is the way that I now perceive the tales. When I picture Belle from Beauty in the Beast, I almost instantly imagine that yellow gold ball gown. And when I’m thinking of Ariel, she has flaming red hair. Who’s to say that’s actually how these women were intended to look?

Artist Na Young Wu has a slightly different perception to these generic Disney ideals. She has illustrated a selection of fairy tale characters with a twist, an Eastern Twist. Looking at her pictures, you can roughly guess which character each are depicting, but the mystery surrounding them makes the images that much more fascinating. Her illustrations are stunning.

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