Five Things I Love About Winter

When winter comes in England, it comes. You get smacked in the face with a wall of cold in December, and it doesn’t leave until the end of February. The average temperature around here is about 5 degrees, and you can bet there will be lots of rain and probably a little snow towards the end of Feb.

I don’t think winter is my absolute favourite season, but certain things do make it a little easier to deal with.

1. Snuggles
Without a doubt, this is my favourite thing about winter. Yeah I like getting cuddles all year round, but when it’s cold they can last ALL night, and it’s AMAZING!! I don’t think there is anything better then a big bear hug with entwined limbs, while you’re watching Netflix in bed.

2. Hot Chocolate

I don’t like coffee and I don’t drink tea, so it’s rare that I have warm drinks throughout the year. It doesn’t seem socially acceptable to drink Hot Chocolate all year round. Winter however, means that I can go into Costa and order a mug full, topped with marshmallows and whipped cream, and not feel uncomfortable. I can even drink it in the office.. in the morning! I feel like such a rebel.

3. Beanie Hats

I’m a hat person. I just feel comfortable wearing them, like they’re a safety blanket. My beanie collection is probably larger than my sock collection, and winter means that I can wear one every single day without getting a sweaty head or strange looks.

4. Duvet/Gaming Days

I try to have a lot of these throughout the year because they’re my favourite, but in the winter, I get away with having so many more. People don’t try to convince me to come down the beach, or ‘make the most of a lovely day’ like they do in the summer, so I can just stay curled up in bed with my console and some good books, without it feeling like I’m wasting the day away.

5. Soup

I think I’ve had soup almost every day this week. It is glorious stuff, and one of my favourite things to eat, but it’s reserved for a cold day. When winter comes, I can drown myself in it – obviously not literally. Soup isn’t my only favourite winter food, I love food, I eat a lot, but it’s a special kind of comfort food that makes you feel like everything is going to be better once you’ve had a bowl.

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