I Hate Fairyland


Skottie Young, author and illustrator of Marvel’s new Rocket Raccoon comic book series, and creator of those damned adorable Marvel variant covers, has just released a preview of his upcoming project; I Hate Fairyland.

The comic, which will be published by Image Comics, is about Gertrude; a slightly deranged 40 year old with a battle axe, who is trapped inside a child’s body and confined to a land of candy canes and rainbows – Fairyland.

It’s all well and good living in a perfect world of ice cream and puppies, but when you’ve been there for over 30 years, I’m certain it gets old very quickly. Signal Gertie..

Young has a little help from colourist Jean Francois Beaulieu, and the lettering is done by Nate Piekos, but apart from that, it’s all him baby. The comic will be available in Autumn later this year.

Check out the preview below. Warning!! – It really isn’t your typical fairy story, so if you’re not a fan of heavy machinery or the morbid insides of someone’s corpse, you should probably look away.





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