10 Batman Beyond Gifts For Your Batman In Training


I’ve been watching a lot of Batman Beyond this week. It’s an animated series set in a future Gotham, about a boy called Terry McGinnis who takes over Batman duties from Bruce Wayne. It’s nice seeing a fresh faced Batman, and even though his personality completely differs from that of Bruce Wayne, he’s really growing on me. Being a fairly unknown show, there isn’t much merchandise available, which is quite disappointing, however I did manage to find a few bits on Etsy. Here are my favourites:

Batman Beyond Logo Necklace by PrairieKateCreations


Batman Beyond Hoodie by SuperHeroesUnlimited


Batman Beyond Messenger Bag by PositiveThing


Batman Beyond Light up Shoes by KickolasNage


Batman Beyond Wallet by DuctTuff


Terry McGinnis (Batman) Minifig by MinifigFX


Batman Beyond Munny by thewowlrus


Terry McGinnis Poster by artofdanny


Batman Beyond Splatter Poster by FWGDesign


Batman Beyond Coaster Set by DailyCoaster


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