Rainbow Batman


DC have just released a list of their newest collectibles due out in August later this year. The figures include a beautiful new Bombshell statue and a rather gorgeous figure of the new 52 Batgirl, but the thing that excited me the most are the figures that will not be going on sale.

Signal the vault. DC’s vault contains all of the statues and action figures that didn’t go into production. They were designed and pitched, sculpted and even painted, but they were never produced on a large scale. One item in particular caught my eye, well.. a selection really – The Rainbow Batman Action Figures.

I can’t describe how disappointed I am that these babies aren’t real. The six Batman toys are identical, but each is a different colour. You have the original blue and grey Batman, but there is also a pink, orange, yellow, green, and purple one. There’s something about the idea of owning a pink Batman that makes me incredibly happy – but alas, it was not meant to be.

Check out the rest of the unproduced figures from the vault here. Are there any that you wish were a reality?

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