Geek Picks of the Week

Being a nerdy blogger, and obsessive web browser, unfortunately comes with a price – an ever expanding geeky wish list of all of the new products I want to try out. I feature a lot of awesome, interesting, and expensive pieces on Nerdy Ninja Platypus, but these are usually things I can only ever afford to dream of purchasing. There is so much more out there that I want in my life, and on my shelves.. Here are a few affordable things that have made my list this week:

5. Fables Volume 2

With news that Bill Willingham’s Graphic Novel Fables is being adapted into a motion picture, I’ve been contemplating a binge through the series. I adore Telltale’s game adaption; The Wolf Among Us, and have a copy of Willingham’s first volume; Legends in Exile, but that is where my relationship with Fables currently ends. Forbidden Planet have the second volume; Animal Farm, in stock for only £7.58 – but with 22 volumes in total, I’m not sure how far I’ll get before I become bankrupt.

4. Batman Headphones

Headphones are one of the things I use every day, so as you can imagine, I get through quite a lot of them. That’s why I tend to go for the cheapest ones possible. The only problem is I don’t like boring – only bright colours and pop culture themes please. With that in mind, Sports Direct have a pair of Batman headphones for only £5 which look perfect. They appear to have a huge Batman sale on at the moment, so if you’re looking for some cheap Batman buys, check out their website.

3. Star Wars ATAT Plugs

Jewellery wise, I would probably pick wearing earrings over any other accessory. My ear lobes are stretched to 10mm, so there isn’t a day that passes when I’m not wearing plugs. I have my favourites, sure, but I like to mix and match, and I love colour coordination – the more unique the better. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with these 3D printed ATAT Walker tunnels, created by Ojingo Studio. Based on the Star Wars mechanical giants, these plugs are cute AND fierce. They are quite expensive, coming in at just under $30, but they’re totally one of a kind.

2. Twilight Sparkle bookends

Being an avid reader, and a huge hoarder, I have a whole wall of books and graphic novels at my disposal. A quarter of my room is made up of bookcases to the point where, I just can’t fit any more furniture in. I’m thinking about putting up some shelves for some of my favourite literature, but for that I’m going to need bookends – I think Twilight Sparkle will do the job nicely. These My Little Pony themed, wooden bookends from Hawkin’s Bazaar are only £5.99. They’re cute, colourful and sparkly – I just hope they’re heavy enough to keep my collection on the shelf.

1. Batman Meme Whiteboard

There is no way you haven’t seen the Batman slaps Robin meme before. I’ve seen so many different variations that I’ve lost count, and just when I think I’m getting sick of the sight of them, out busts another gem that I can’t stop giggling at. That’s why I think the Batman Meme Whiteboard is genius. For £13.72 from ArtByCholeena, you can get a framed re-writable meme to hang on your wall, then you can either write up your favourites or put your sarcasm to good use and come up with your own.

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