Five Fandom Accessories I own

I am an accessories fiend. I love jewellery, I love shoes, I love scarfs and gloves and hats.. I’m just in love with anything that I can wear that will allow me to express who I am and what I love. The best thing about having so many accessories at my disposal means that I can rotate through my collection and wear something different everyday – but I do have my favourites, so here are the five accessories I couldn’t live without:

1. Doctor Who Plugs
These are a recent addition to my accessory collection. I got them from my friend Lucy for Christmas, and they have quickly become my most worn earrings. The pair display my name written in Gallifreyan writing, on a yellow background (my favourite colour), and even glow in the dark. She had literally thought of everything – did I forget to mention Lucy hand made them!? She has a page on Facebook where she shows off all the things she creates. They were honestly one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

2. Ramona Flowers Bag

I’m a huge Scott Pilgrim fan. I adore the graphic novels, the game AND the movie, I even cosplay as Ramona Flowers on a regularly basis. Because of this, I invested in a rather expensive, handmade Ramona bag, which, since getting it signed by Bryan Lee O’Malley himself, has become one of my favourite things in the world, let alone one of my favourite accessories.

3. Back to the Future IPad Case

I don’t know whether it can be classed as an accessory as such, but I literally take my BTTF Sports Almanac with me everywhere I go, so I don’t see why it can’t be included. This is definitely one of my most used possessions – I always have my IPad with me, so naturally, its case gets a lot face time. Plus, everybody recognises it. There’s nothing more satisfying then seeing someone notice the case and start wracking their brain trying to figure out where they’ve seen it before.

4. Pokemon Plugs

Pokemon fan + an obsession with earrings = a pretty huge collection of Pokemon Plugs. These guys make me so unbelievably happy with their little smiley faces that I can’t help but grin every time I wear them. I ended up getting so many characters because I just couldn’t decide who I loved the most. Now I can mix and match between them all, and can even colour coordinate them with my outfits because they’re so vibrant.

5. Tree of Life Choker

I love wearing necklaces. I like to layer different lengths and usually end up wearing around two or three at a time. My tree of life choker is definitely my most worn to date. It isn’t officially a fandom based accessory, but I did buy it because it reminded me of the White Tree in Lord of the Rings. It’s dainty and beautiful, but still suits my slightly alternative style which is probably why I like it so much.

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