Bob’s Burgers Cookbook


Cole Bowden, a Bob’s Burgers enthusiast, has created a cooking blog called The Bob’s Burger Experiment, where he basically recreates all the burgers from the show.

For those who don’t know, Bob’s Burgers is an animated series aired by Fox, about a family who own and run a Burger Joint. Every episode brings a new ‘burger on the day’ written up on the specials board.

Using the pun filled name from Bob’s chalkboard as inspiration, Bowden compiles a recipe that best fits its description – then makes a mouthwatering, gourmet version of it. To date he has made creations such as the ‘Baby you can chive my car’ burger, and the ‘Human Polenta-Pede’ burger.

His blog hasn’t gone unnoticed. The show’s creator; Loren Bouchard is now working with Cole to create a physical cookbook. Cole will supply the recipes, while Bouchard supplies the illustrations to accompany them. It’s still in its early stages, but Rizzoli has signed on to publish.

All I can say is – when are they going to make a Bob’s Burgers restaurant!?

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